New Hampshire Legislative Service Requests (LSR’s)

An LSR is a request to have a bill drafted. Below are a list of LSR’s in NH related to employment and labor laws.

LSR LSR Number Title of LSR Prime Sponsor Hearing DateLink to LSR
HB 517 
Relative to the State Minimum Hourly RateKristina Schultz3/4/21 @9:30am

Executive Session – Public Can Listen In

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2021-0004Relative to employment restrictions for regirstered sex offendersKevin VervilleNoneLINK
HB 237
Relative to the leagilization and regulation of cannabis and making appropriations thereforeRenny Cushing1/27/2021 AT 11:00AMLINK
HB 359
Prohibiting discrimination based on hairstyle relative to a person’s ethnicityMary Beth Walls2/10/21 AT 1:00PMLINK
HB 266 FN-L
Relative to enforcement of immigrations laws and the prohibition of sanctuary policiesJohn Potucek3/8/21 AT 11:00AM

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HB 258
Relative to employee time records: permit an employee to electronically sign or acknowledge alterations to wage and hour recordJosh Yokela3/23/2021 AT 9:10AMLINK
2021-0229Relative to employee uniformsJosh YokelaNoneLINK
HB 231
Relative to workplace lactation rightsRichard Abel1/28/2021 AT 3:00PMLINK
HB 252
Creating a committee to study the creation of a program giving employers tax rebates on business taxes in exchange for providing stipends for childcare needs to employees Donovan Fenton3/3/21 @ 9:00am 

Full Committee Work Session – Public Can Listen In

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SB 61
Prohibiting collective bargaining agreements that require employees to join a labor union John Reagan3/25/2021 AT 10:00AM

Executive Session 3/30/2021 AT 9:00 AM

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SB 68
Requiring an employer to provide reasonable accommodations for a pregnant employee Erin Hennessey3/30/2021 AT 10:00AMLINK
2021-0404Relative to the minimum hourly wageCatherine SofikitisNoneLINK
2021-0595Relative to allowing employees time to vote in biennial general elections Ellen ReadN/ALSR not found
2021-0766Relative to a paid sick leave program: all employees 1 hr for 30 hours worked Mary Jane WallnerNoneLINK
SB 69
Requiring employers to provide access to a sufficient space for nursing mothers and reasonable break time Rebecca Whitley3/30/2021 AT 10:30AMLINK
2021-0895Relative to employer payment of required COVID-19 testing Suzanne PrentissN/ALSR not found
HB 303Relative to required pay.  2 hour minimum will not apply to ski and snowboard employees at ski resorts, provided that these employees receive other compensation that is at least equal to their rate of pay. Brian Seaworth3/23/20201 AT 9:20AMLINK