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Cyber Security, Privacy, & the Technology Challenge

  • 18 Mar 2021
  • 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM (EDT)
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This panel discussion will examine the challenges and opportunities of Cyber Security, Privacy, and Technology in the workplace. Change is hard and preparing for and executing change in the face of a pandemic has truly tested our resolved. It has heightened the use and import of technology while presenting additional challenges. It has pushed us to think beyond the known challenges and opportunities; to explore the unknowns.

With the need to quickly pivot and change business operations from onsite/face-to-face to a virtual environment, IT and HR had to execute a plan for deployment that would be effective and efficient.

For some organizations, this process was relatively seamless; while for others it was painful and extremely costly. Cyber security, privacy, capacity, capability, bandwidth and available resources were considerations in retooling to a predominant virtual operation.

Unanticipated challenges during this process created opportunities for adjustments, adaptations, and enhancements. Additionally, being required to rethink how we execute our daily operations underscored the mission critical aspect of technology and risk management to fulfilling our organization’s mission. The panel will talk about lessons learned and how to capitalize on that knowledge to advance the integration of IT and risk management in our business operations.


Participants will gain

  • Appreciating the value of a strategic partnership between HR and IT to ensure employees have access to the technology necessary for success in their positions.
  • Recognizing the import of collaboration and coordination in leading and managing change initiatives addressing the imposed operational regulations as a result of the pandemic
  • Understanding the power of dialogue, coalition building, and effective communications in facilitating change.

This webinar is approved for 2 SHRM PDCs and 2 HRCI  BUSINESS credits. 


Cori J. Casey, Risk Management Consultant, NH Public Rick Management Exchange, PRIMEX. In his role as risk manager with a focus on cyber security, Cori assists PRIMEX members with mitigating cyber risk through the development of training programs, planning, incident response coordination, and follow up. He graduated from UNH with a BA in Political Science and minor in Justice Studies. He served in law enforcement for over 22 years with the Concord Police Department, progressing through the ranks in various positions including Drug Enforcement Unit and NH Attorney General’s Drug Task Force Detective, Youth Services and Criminal Investigations Detective Sergeant, and retired as a Patrol Lieutenant. 

Tim Grotheer, Senior Software Development Manager, IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals). Having over 13 years development experience, Tim has experience in full stack development of legacy and modern application suites in waterfall and agile environments.  During this time, Tim has overseen multiple technology departments in the deployment of agile methodologies realizing significant process improvements within the organization.  These deployments involve the execution of test driven development, CI/CD pipelines, and DevSecOps, which have saved non-profit organizations millions of dollars.  With a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and a Masters of Science in Information Technology, Tim has shown the ability to gain an understanding of business requirements and process, then apply technology to create a secure resolution where necessary.

Ryan Robinson, Senior Director of Client Services, Mainstay Technologies. Ryan Robinson is the Senior Director of Client Services for Mainstay Technologies, winner of the Better Business Bureau’s Ethics Award, Business NH Magazine’s Best Companies to Work For, and previous recipient of Business NH Magazine’s Business of the Year.  Mainstay Technologies is an IT and Cybersecurity firm specializing in providing expert-level services to businesses and nonprofits throughout Northern New England. Ryan can be reached at rrobinson@mstech.com, and for more information about Mainstay, visit mstech.com.

Jason J. Sgro, Senior Partner, The Atom Group. As ATOM's Senior Partner, Chief of Strategy, and Practice Manager. For the last twenty years, Jason has journeyed along the intersection of humanity and the businesses we trust. Skyward, he has inscribed over two million miles of vapor trails, mechanical energy exhausted on flights to one-third of the world's countries. With a ceaseless passion, he’s sought to understand the impact our trust in technology has on our lives, our organizations, and ourselves. As a founder and operator, he’s had the honor to build some wonders, but also to witness invention change us rapidly, bring us together, and push us apart. Today he uses the art of leadership to guide those who seek to understand these impacts or to create wonders of their own. Whether he’s recalling ideas that were built into great companies or sitting with founders as dreams fall apart, he is constantly reminded that any business, at its core, must remain inherently human. Today Jason serves as Sr. Partner and Security & Privacy Practice Manager at The ATOM Group in Portsmouth, NH.  He has secured and advised public and private entities throughout New Hampshire and is widely recognized for his contributions toward building a future we can trust.


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